Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall ball is over -- time to workout

There is a old saying that champions are made in the off season, and I have to agree with that 100%. If you look around any sport the cream of the crop also has a reputation of  being the hardest working. Yes, there will all ways be that one exception to the rule, but I always tell kids that it is all ready hard to play on the next level no matter what level you are on, and do you want to put you hopes on being the exception to the rule when someone probably is as talented  as you with a great work ethic challenging you for your position. I tell kids that if you are naturally talent work hard and don't look back, and I tell the kid with not as much talent to work hard and you will catch a lot of the more talented kids that don't put in the work. Talent will only take you so far, so this is the off season lift those weights, run  those sprints, eat right and when the season rolls around you will have put your self in a position to succeed.

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