Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hello to my baseball family

This blog was made for the people of high school baseball. Hsbaseball  brings a love/hate relationship to players and fans. It can have you jumping out your seat over a homerun blast and can have you pulling your hair out when a kid blows a play that my baby girl could have made. On this blog I want you to talk about everything from a great comeback in the 9th inning to bad coaches and the politics that goes along with hsbaseball. This is the blog for you to vent and brag. This is the blog where what ever is right or wrong in your season you are not alone someone else has a story too and we want to hear it, so lets have fun.


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  1. Nice blog going to be very interesting because high school baseball is GREAT!

  2. My school lost because a coach that could careless as long as he can cash that check.

  3. Anonymous

    Sorry you did not have the year you hoped for, but if it is true your coach is just out for a check,he won't be there long. Better luck next year and keep swinging the bat.