Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How will the bbcor bats change the game

This year in college baseball the new bbcor bat was introduced. These bats were put into the game because the    aluminum bats had to much pop and were a safety issue for the players. The college game was changed drastically because homeruns are way down. Next year the high schools have to change over to the bbcor bat. My question to you is how will this change the high school game? Will the game be less exciting with less homers? Will coaches start picking faster kids with high batting averages instead of the big kid who use to hit homers with aluminum bats? Will colleges change the way they recruit for the reasons mentioned? We want to here from you. Go to hsbaseballdad.blogspot.com or give me a tweet!


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  1. Is the changing of the bats for making the kids safe or for bat companies to make money?

  2. BBCOR bats will ultimately bring a new brand or baseball to the high school and college game. The bats will perform more like wood and make the game safer. http://www.bbcorbats.com has a lot good information on the subject.

  3. I think we will develop better hitters. There is a difference between a metal and a wood bat swing as well. As a former pitcher, I am grateful they made the change. Crazy how the ball flies off the bat sometimes, even with a check swing in college.